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Booking / Cancellation / General
Company Policy (Terms & Conditions)

Booking Policy

All bookings are made in accordance with the contents of this document and any other external conditions stated in consultations and medical history forms.

• All appointment / bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee that will be advised at the time of booking. The booking fee amount will be credited back to your final bill after treatment has been carried out.

• Booking Fees can be paid in cash, bank transfer or via PayPal. Bookings are not confirmed until a booking fee has been received. If there is a delay in making a deposit payment, your appointment slot may be allocated to somebody else. A booking will not be held for you.

• Full client details including a mobile number and email address must be provided at the time of booking.

• All consultation and declarations must be digitally completed before your appointment.

• You must specify at the time of booking if you wish to see a specific practitioner. If a specification is not made, then you will be allocated the next appointment for the next available aesthetician.

• If you have a review appointment (top up) arranged for wrinkle relaxing treatment, this must take place within 3 weeks of your original appointment. If you do not book an appointment within the specified period, we will be unable to offer you a free review appointment.

• Combination treatment offers must be used during 1 appointment and with 1 person (unless specifically stated otherwise).

Cancellation Lateness & Change of Appointment Policy

At Enhance, we understand that occasionally you may need to rearrange or cancel an appointment for unforeseen circumstances.


• Late arrivals may not receive a treatment – Enhance will always do their best to provide full treatment but cannot keep other clients waiting. We operate a strict 15 minute ‘lateness limit’ at which point your appointment will be cancelled if we are unable to accommodate you.

• *We will endeavour to re-book you for our earliest available date.

Change of Date:

• If you should need to rearrange your appointment, you may do so ONCE within no less than 7 days of your scheduled appointment.

• If you need to rearrange your appointment again after the permitted ‘once’ as detailed above, the non-refundable booking fee will be lost, and a new booking fee will be required to secure a new appointment.

• Any changes after the permitted ‘once’ or not in accordance with our policy will be considered a cancellation and your booking fee will not be transferable and will be lost.

• *Please be aware that we are usually very busy and you should consider this if requesting any changes to your appointment dates and times*.



• Booking fees are non-refundable in the event of you cancelling your appointment entirely. Full appointment charges will be applicable if less than 24 hours’ notice is given or “no show”.

• If you are noted as being a ‘no show’ more than once, we will be unable to offer your any further appointments. The same applies to 2 or more cancellations within 12 months.

• The only time we may consider reviewing this cancellation policy, is in the event of serious illness / injury or a last-minute emergency (official proof will be required) which may be accepted entirely at our discretion.

If we need to move or cancel your appointment:

• Due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be occasions when we must cancel the clinic and appointments at very short notice or have to move your scheduled appointment.

• We will endeavour to offer you a similar day/time as an alternative for your new appointment. Should this not be convenient for you, we will arrange to refund your booking fee or any advance payment you may have given us. *Please note that refunds will not be given for any other external expenses you may incur*.

• Should we be required by government or local council to close due to emergency public health measures or any other reason, we will carry your booking fee over for your next appointment when we are permitted to re-open. If you would prefer a refund on your booking fee instead, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Additionally, should we be not be able to carry out a review or complete a treatment due to being subject to government enforced closure we will not be able to refund your treatment fee or offer any partial refund. All treatments booked are done so by you in the knowledge that enforced closure may happen with little or no notice at any time and we may not be able to complete your treatment. In exceptional circumstances, Enhance may be able to offer a discount on the same future treatment to compensate but this cannot be guaranteed. 


How to rearrange or cancel your appointment :
• If you do need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please contact us on 01622 290120 or 07413157259. Alternatively, if you booked through Facebook or Instagram, you can also direct message us there.

• If you send us a message or you leave an answerphone message, please leave a
clear written or verbal message stating the following:

- That you wish to cancel or rearrange (stating reason if applicable)
- Your full name
- Your telephone number
- The date and time of your appointment
- The treatment/s you were booked in for

General Company Terms & Conditions :


It is your responsibility to follow the aftercare that is provided with your treatment, you also take the responsibility to ask for clarification should you not understand it. If you do not follow your aftercare advice as given, Enhance Clinic cannot be held liable.

Aftercare advice is emailed via our booking software and discussed at your appointment. Should you wish to have a paper copy, please request this at the end of your treatment and it will be provided. You can also contact us at any time following your appointment should you require any advice or have any questions.

Health Screening:

It is important that you provide all medical history asked of you and any additional information that you believe may be relevant. Enhance will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused because of withheld information or failure to follow instructions from The Clinic staff. Failure to disclose your full medical history can be extremely dangerous due to certain conditions and medications being incompatible with certain treatments that we offer. 

If in the event it is discovered that false or misleading information has been given in your health declaration, your treatment with Enhance Clinic will be terminated and no refunds will be issued, even if you are part way through a treatment course. In the event of this occurring, we will also not be able to offer you any future appointments.


Corrective Procedures for 3rd Party Treatments:

If you require corrective treatment then it is down to the individual practitioner to assess suitability, we take no responsibility for any of your previous work carried out by 3 rd parties or previously carried out by us. Should corrective work be undertaken, we accept no responsibility for issues that may arise due to previous work and potential issues will be discussed at time of consultation.


Alcohol & Drug Use:

For any treatments booked, you should not consume any alcohol or use recreational drugs 48 hours before or after your appointment. If you have consumed alcohol or used recreational drugs, you must alert your practitioner as it may not be safe or recommended to proceed.

Gift Card Purchase & Ts & Cs:

Enhance Clinic UK Gift Cards can be redeemed against any clinic services specifically offered by Enhance Clinic UK. Gift Cards can be used for making a purchase. The Gift Card is not a credit or debit card and has no implied warranties.


Enhance Clinic UK is not responsible for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card or any unauthorised card use and cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Enhance Clinic UK Gift Cards must be used within 12months from date of original purchase. This 12-month validation period cannot be extended.


Any unused value remains associated with the card and cannot be redeemed for cash.


All credit value remains with the gift card purchase and cannot be redeemed for cash.


In addition to these specific Terms & Conditions, all purchases are also subject to our general company policy available on the company website.

Card balances can be checked at anytime by contacting us directly.


General Clinic Policy :

• Enhance Reserves the right to refuse treatment should they believe that a client is medically unfit for treatment or that they believe, in their professional opinion, that the treatment is not going to have the results desired or is not in the best interests of the client. This also applies during treatment should our member of staff have good reason to cease treatment.

• Please be advised, the clinic is fitted with CCTV recording cameras for the comfort and safety of our clients and staff.

• We accept no responsibility for your personal belongings while you are visiting the clinic or if they are left behind.

• Please be aware that children under the age of 18 are not permitted to be present in the clinic treatment rooms.

• In the event of any incident that involves verbal or physical abuse towards our staff or any other clients, you will be required to leave our premises and will be permanently removed from our booking database. Pending treatments up to that point will be cancelled and any treatment plans voided. This also applies to unacceptable behaviour or abusive comment on social media channels or the public domain in general.

• Products purchased in the clinic or on the online shop are non-refundable unless they are faulty. Faulty products will need to be returned to Enhance for assessment before a refund can be processed.

• Our clinic locations operate a strict Covid-19 Policy to be observed at all times.


Promotion, Special Offers & Competition Policy

• Enhance frequently run promotions, special offers and competitions. Enhance reserves the right to change any aspect of the promotion, special offer or competition without notice.

• Promotions, special offers and competitions may have separate terms and conditions applied to them that are not specifically stated here.

• Prizes & any competition gains may not be transferred to 3rd parties and are for the exclusive use of the individual only.

• Prizes & any competition rewards must be used within 6 months of being announced. Any prize or reward not claimed, booked and carried out within this 6-month period will be void.

• Promotions relating to individual treatments (i.e. a complimentary vitamin injection offered with a specific treatment) must be taken at the time of treatment and cannot be held over for a future date. It is also not transferable to 3rd party.

• Promotional offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other offers unless specifically stated.

• All treatments, products and offers are subject to availability.


Complaints Policy

In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint or raise a concern with any aspect of your treatment with Enhance, please ensure you read the following information in order for us to handle your enquiry effectively.

• Complaints can be made verbally, by telephone or in writing to :

Enhance Clinic UK,C/O The Clinic Manager, 16 Starnes Court, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1EB.

or By email to : or by telephone : 01622 290120 or 07413157259.

• You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint within 48hrs of its receipt. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please ensure you contact us again via another method.

• Complaints are not monitored on social media and we actively discourage the use of social media channels to raise any concerns or complaints.

• The clinic will investigate your complaint which may involve you attending further consultation or having a verbal discussion with the clinic manager. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the initial investigation, the Clinic’s Director will review your complaint and consult all your records and CCTV images from the clinic when doing so.

• For any complaint resolution which results in any gestures of good will between the Enhance Clinic and our client, a signed agreement will need to be completed in clinic and witnessed by both the clinic manager and director. Furthermore, any refunds or gestures of goodwill cannot be used as or assumed as an admission of liability on our part.

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Jeni was absolutely amazing during my appointment. Explained everything and talked through the procedure. Made me feel completely comfortable and at ease, I was so nervous before hand! Would absolutely recommend x

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Would highly recommend the service from start to finish, I booked in to have the nasolabial and Jenny made me feel completely at ease and done an amazing job, she is so lovely. I’m now looking forward to my next booking with her

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Paula Warner recommends Enhance Clinic UK.

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